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Salty Steer The All Purpose Steak Seasoning- Goals and Accomplishments

Hello, Salty Steer Fans! It's been a busy couple of months, but Salty Steer’s Steak Seasonings online presence is growing as well as our availability in retail locations. February was the largest month in online sales at $450. This is highly irregular for us and we are trying to replicate this unknown strategy. It reminds me of when I lost 10 lbs and couldn’t figure out how or why, so I just kept doing what I had been and maintained the loss, but eventually gained it back. Hopefully, we will continue with our online growth, however, it is off to a slow start for March. Ha!  We did pick up our 18th and 19th retail locations as well. Thank you Mi Mundo Coffee in Round Rock, TX and A Lil Twisted Boutique in San Diego, TX. 

Our goals for 2020 are $1,000 of reoccurring online sales and 1-2 new locations per month. To help with the online sales we are updating our new labels, added a new Subscribe and Save feature to and as well as a few other strategies that we will disclose later. We are really excited about 2020 and the relationships we are building as well as crushing our goals! 

We are working on our 3rd seasoning, Salty Sting, that is expected to debut in about 4 weeks. We have been working on this for the last 6 months finalizing the label and the flavor profile.  We have a few other seasonings in the works but those will make an appearance in the future.  

Thank you to our customers, friends, and family for your support and continued purchases. We have invested everything back in the company which is allowing us to add new products and events. We also updated our labels and added New Braunfels Farmers Market and Boerne Market Days to our Monthly retail sales. 

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