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2020 in Review - Lessons Learned - Thank You

Well, 2020 was an interesting year for a start-up business. We started in July of 2019 and started marketing, attending weekend markets, and gathering wholesale clients. Adding another sales avenue really helped diversify our business income probably saved us from closing our doors. Since then we have gathered a total of 38 retail distribution relationships through out Central Texas. For 2020 we sold a total of $32,000 in Seasoning. We sold and expanded without attending a single market in 2020 or doing any demos to promote Salty Steer. Could be worse, could be better, but we are happy with our total sales and product line. We added Salty Sting to the mix in 2021 as well as some new T-Shirts. We learned a lot lessons which I will bullet point below:

  • Diversify your sales outlets
  • Communication is key
  • Exceed client expectations
  • Grow organically
  • Take calculated risks
  • The universal net will catch you
  • Competition increases quality
  • Likes do not equate to sales
  • Build relationships
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable 

The above are just a few things we learned during our last year in business. Most of all, we learned that you must take risks if you want to reach your goals. For 2021 our goals are $100,000 in sales and 100 locations throughout Texas.

That being said, thank you to everyone who has supported our dreams and goals with a purchase of Salty Steer, BOLD and Sting. Thank you to those who share our products with friends and family, post on social media, and just share the love of our dreams. We greatly appreciate your support and purchases of our Salty Steer product line. We still have not paid ourselves from this project as every penny earned goes back into the business for labels, expansion, fuel, samples, et c. Our goal is to turn a large enough profit to where we can donate 25% of our profit to charity for mental health and other causes plaguing humanity. 

Cheers to 2021!